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Are you concerned about health of your eyes as you age?

Are you concerned about age-related macular degeneration (AMD)?

Do you want help maintain your vision and optimal eye structure, and protect your eyes against daily oxidative damage?

-Saffron 2020TM for protecting your vision in macular degeneration

-Saffron 2020TM  for maintaining eye health and normal vision

Saffron 2020TM is a premium eye care nutritional supplement developed by Persavita Ltd. based on the latest scientific research into the eye health benefits of plant extracts, natural antioxidant carotenoids, vitamins and minerals to help maintain normal vision, healthy eyes and retina.

Saffron 2020TM is a unique formula that contributes to healthy eye structure and helps against damage caused by sunlight, free radicals and daily oxidative stress.


Saffron 2020TM is suitable for regular daily intake

Saffron 2020TM is suitable for those concerned for health of their eyes, retina and visual performance, especially for people aged 40 and over.

Saffron 2020TM is made with balanced and sensible levels of nutrients and is suitable for routine daily intake by individuals who are concerned about early age-related eyesight changes.

Saffron 2020TM is also suitable for individuals wearing contact lenses or those with lifestyle risk factors such as high levels of light exposure either from sun or from prolonged use of computer screens.

Saffron 2020TM does not contain beta-carotene and is suitable for smokers.

Saffron 2020TM is formulated in a convenient once-daily Vegi capsule (30 capsules, once-daily), and is suitable for vegetarians.

Saffron 2020TM: GMP-certified quality and our guarantee

Saffron 2020TM is manufactured in a world calss GMP-certified facility. To notice the first beneficial effects, we recommend supplementation with Saffron 2020TM for a period of three months.

We are so confident in our product ability to improve your quality of life that we provide Saffron 2020TM with special money-back guarantee, unless you are 100% satisfied.

Saffron 2020TM is a new proprietary nutritional supplement that helps look after your eyes in age-related macular degeneration. It is made for everyday protection.

Saffron 2020TM is made of saffron, vitamin A, vitamin B2, and natural carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin.  Each capsule contains 20mg of highest quality saffron stigma powder, for its eye health benefits in macular degeneration.

Saffron 2020TM also contains vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, copper, and  resveratrol, a naturally occurring polyphenolic compound also found in skin of red grapes, which together can help protect DNA, proteins and lipids from oxidative damage and help maintain healthy eyes and normal vision.  

To help preserve health of your eyes you only need to take one capsule of Saffron 2020 each morning.



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